Growing up in France in the Loire Valley, David was raised in a Christian family. David first came to Britain at the age of 17 and the only English word he really knew was ‘hello’. However, that didn’t matter because he had only planned on staying for two weeks. Over 40 years later and David remains in the UK working as the Chief Executive of UCB.

Starting as a cleaner in a retail store, moving up rapidly into Senior Executive positions within the same organisation, and building a career based on biblical principles, led David into the boardroom as he became the head of the discount chain division for a well know British retailer in 1996.

David stepped out of the retail world in 1997 and, with his wife Jackie, founded Book of Hope in the UK, now called OneHope. His journey with United Christian Broadcasters began in 2004 as a member of the UCB Board of Trustees. In 2009 David became UCB’s Managing Director and has now transitioned into the role of Chief Executive. David’s heart is to see people lives impacted and changed because of a relationship with Jesus Christ.

David is married to the lovely Jackie, and they have two grown up children, Richard and Natalie. They are proud grand-parents with three beautiful grandsons.


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