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There is hope! God can use you.

We are living in unprecedented times. Our political systems are changing, and if we read the newspapers, some people feel a sense of hopelessness and are worried about their future. I believe there IS hope!

It is important to say at the start that God created each of us to a unique pattern. We are made in His image and are designed to model His character. I have a hand print; you have a hand print. And it is unique to each of us. The fact that we are all a ‘one off edition’ says to me that God made each of us for a purpose. We were made intentionally and with great attention to detail.

For this reason, when God looks at us, He doesn’t see the outward appearance or the environment. He looks at our hearts. The Bible is full of examples where God overlooked the obvious circumstances and instead saw the potential of each person.

God’s Word tells us this:

Noah used to get drunk

Abram was old

Jacob was a liar

Joseph was bullied

Moses was a murderer

Samson was a womaniser

Rahab was a sex worker

David was an adulterer

Elijah experienced depression and suicidal thoughts

Naomi was a widow

Jonah ran from God

Peter was a liar

And, just when they were needed most in the Garden of Gethsemane, the disciples all fell asleep.

All of these things, in human terms, could have disqualified the person from a fruitful life, and yet God gave them each a unique purpose and a job to do.

We all know the famous verse of John 3:16: ‘For God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten son, that whosoever believes in Him will have eternal life.’

The key for me is the word whosoever. In other words, everyone and anyone who calls upon the Lord. God makes no distinction other than a distinction between those who belong to Him and those who do not. He came to give life, and life in all its fullness, to all who believe in Him.

When we truly belong to the Lord, He starts to renew our minds with His thoughts, and we can begin to see ourselves and the people around us as He sees us. God sees beyond our education, culture, or circumstances, and He sees all that we can be if we trust in Him.

If we are to be united as believers and as churches across the country, we have to allow God to transform and renew our minds. As our minds are transformed, we will begin to see all people as Jesus sees them: full of potential with a unique hand print, created for a purpose.

DLH BLOG - Jul 16

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