Expecting God to do great things

For with God nothing will be impossible – Luke 2:37

I recently returned from France where I helped to lead a mission at my brother Daniel’s church in Angers.

It is over 3 years since we started these yearly events, and we have seen some incredible answers to prayer. Some have asked me why there is such a tangible sense of the presence of God in these meetings. Why are people getting healed and set free, yet in other parts of the world, this is not being seen?

I believe that in the beginning, God placed man and woman in the garden of Eden so that they could live in God’s presence, day in and day out. Satan’s plan then (as it is now) was to expel people from the powerful presence of God because he knows that if he can get us out of the presence of God, he can make us weak and ineffective. Thanks to God for His redemption plan, which has restored that relationship and leads us to a place of expectancy. When we are expectant and live in the manifested presence of God, we start to see incredible things happen. When I go to France, I sense a real hunger in the people, and that is a fertile ground for God to move. That is the place where breakthrough begins to happen.

Over the years, we have seen God move in remarkable ways, and I wanted to share some of those stories with you.  This is taken from a report compiled by my brother Daniel, and where possible, the stories of healing have been verified by doctors.


A woman from a church in another town was suffering with severe pain in her stomach and was in hospital undergoing tests. One day during the mission, she discharged herself from hospital for a few hours to come to the service. After the service, she went back to the hospital, and the doctors declared her completely healed. A week later, she came back to church to testify to what God had done in her life.

A young 14-year-old girl suffered terrible pain in her knees due to a bone problem. She was getting worse. Her knees were swollen, and she could walk less and less. Her rheumatologist told her that no surgery could heal her, and she would suffer more, and one day she might not be able to walk at all. They said her only treatment was to wear braces which would keep her legs straight. In May 2014, she went for prayer (her dad who was deaf had just been healed), but she wasn’t healed instantly. And in the following weeks and months she, had more pain, no sign of healing, but she kept asking God in faith with her parents. In the summer of 2015 (over a year after the first prayer), she was completely healed. That summer, she went on holiday in the Alps and went hiking almost every day in the mountains with no pain. She has since committed her life to the Lord and was baptised last May.

In June, a lady who is a radiologist was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, stage 4. Her ex-husband is an oncologist and confirmed that the cancer was too developed to try any treatment or surgery, and she had only 2 or 3 months to live. A Christian lady from the church has an IT business, and the radiologist is one of her customers. Just before the mission in June, she was called to her office to fix some computers. The radiologist spoke to her about her cancer, and Aurélie told her about the church and the many miracles God has done these past few months. On Sunday morning, we felt that the church should pray for people not present in the meeting and asked the believers who knew someone sick to stand up for them. Aurélie stood up for this radiologist. Four weeks later, she went back to her office, and as soon as they met, the radiologist threw herself in her arms jumping with joy, telling her that she was in the process of healing. Since the prayer, the cancer had so decreased, they could do surgery. In August, she went to Paris for surgery, and we are waiting for her to testify of her miracle.


These are just a few of the amazing miracles we are seeing, and we know that Angers is not an example on its own. All over the world, where God’s people are hungry and expectant, God is doing something new. We know this is just the beginning of what God wants to do through His church all across the world.

(Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today and forever – Heb. 13:8)


2 thoughts on “Expecting God to do great things

  1. Qu’est-ce que c’est encourageant d’entendre ces temoignages de ce que Jesus est en train de faire en France….! Je suis d’origine britannique, mais j’ai passe du temps en France dans quelques eglises: a Orleans, Gap, Grenoble, Montauban, Toulouse, Nice. Je crois vraiment que le Seigneur est en oeuvre en France en ce moment – something’s stirring in the Spirit – and in my spirit too! Long live Aslan who revives the remnants of his beloved people in France! Long may he Reign and speak to His followers and Revive them with His love.


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