Thank you… thank you!

Here at UCB, it has been an incredible week.

Sometimes, in the middle of our appeals, it means there is no time to stop and reflect. I have watched our teams here give their time and energy and total commitment to all that has been going on, and it has been a huge privilege to see this happen.

As I take a few minutes to think about the events of these past few days, I am overwhelmed at being part of an organisation which is driven by ‘true purpose, powered by faith’. Our vision statement is that with media, we can ‘reach every person, in every place, every moment of the day with the opportunity to listen, watch or read God’s Word in a relevant and engaging way.’ And our heart is that we do not to simply ‘inform’ people, but we help to see them transformed. We can make good radio programmes or write devotionals, but it is only the Gospel and the power of God’s Word that can change lives.

Our vision is clear, but we also know that we could not do it without our listeners and supporters. We are not commercial (so we do not carry advertisements), and we do not receive Government grants (or any licence fee), so this work relies on the generosity of our incredible supporters, listeners, and readers. I feel so honoured to hear the stories of thousands and thousands of UCB supporters who demonstrate how much UCB means to them by giving, offering to pray, and telling their own stories.

This week, we have even heard from a young teenager who willingly gave her pocket money as she enjoys listening to UCB so much. For us, it is not about the size of the gift but about the level of generosity we have seen from people in so many different kinds of circumstances.

We have heard from many people who have told us that UCB is a ‘lifeline’. Christian media offers people the opportunity to connect with God’s Word 24/7, 365 days a year, even at difficult times of day (often in the wee hours) when the physical doors of the church are shut. Thanks to your gifts and support, the power of God’s Word is just a click away, in the middle of the darkness and tragedy, through UCB’s resources.

As I have listened this week and watched as thousands and thousands of pounds have poured in (over £318,000 at the time of writing), ‘thank you’ seems like too feeble a world. But I do want to thank God firstly for His incredible grace.  He is our sustainer, supplier, and the true source of all our provision, but He works miracles through the hearts and lives of ordinary people like you and me. Your investment into the work of UCB is helping to transform lives, not just for this moment but for all of eternity.

If you would like to support UCB in our ongoing work, you can do so on our website.

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One thought on “Thank you… thank you!

  1. I can’t imaging UCB without God and His Spirit and those He shoses to run it. Thanks David for such an inspirational thanks on line. May God continue to use you and UCB by the power of the Holy Spirit to get alongside the church and see our nation transformed and an out poring of great revival many bkessings.


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